Going Camping? Roasting the perfect marshmallow is an essential outdoor survival skill for any trip to the great outdoors. Finding the right temperature, the right distance from the flame and the right timing has alluded many campers since the dawn of time, but a quick read of our guide we’ll have you roasting like a pro fast.

If you’re tired of eating charcoal on a stick, these 5 easy-to-follow steps will bring you the marshmallow perfection you lust for at last. pig roast nj

1. Find Your Tool: The perfect tool is essential for roasting the perfect marshmallow. The best stick to use is a straight one to ensure even cooking and precise control. Even if it takes you a few extra minutes to track down a better stick, the end result will be well worth it.

2. Position The Marshmallow: Once you’ve tracked down your tool, place the marshmallow on the end of the stick, taking care not to pierce it all the way through. For best results, don’t double stack your mallows. Roast them one at a time for that beautiful golden-brown finish.

3. Mind The Flames: Next, find a comfortable position around the fire and begin toasting. The best place to position your mallow is beside the flames and above the embers. Do not let the flames touch your marshmallow, or it will quickly become a flaming, black, charcoaled mess. Be sure to keep the marshmallow on the heat throughout the entire cooking process to get that perfect, gooey centre.

4. Rotation Rotation Rotation: For a consistently roasted, golden brown marshmallow, continually rotate it, like a pig on the spit. Keep it moving.

5. Ready Or Not: When the inside has reached its ooey-gooey-best, it will start to slide down the stick. Get in quick before it starts to droop, or you will end up with a sticky mess.