Mi 9 Power: is it worth getting over the competition? The Mi 9 Power cost in India is one of the cheapest smartphone in the market. The device comes with features like a large QWERTY keyboard, high end camera and a complete Windows operating system. The device is also loaded with apps preinstalled, which gives the user a rich user experience. The Mi 9 Power costs $400 in the unlocked form and is a great smartphone.

Though the device has excellent features and a beautiful design, it has some flaws that are not really good for the users. Mainly, the slow user interface, the app compatibility issues and the overall poor performance of the handset. The Mi 9 Power does not have any bloatware and its version number is 16.4.401. firmware, which means this phone is made for the Indian market only. So, is it worth getting over the competition and shelling out that extra bucks for a premium handset?

In my opinion, the answer is “yes”. The Mi 9 Power has all the basic features of a smartphone, but is it worth spending over its competitors just because it has a beautiful design. The biggest flaw of the device is its slow user interface. The applications do load very slowly and the overall experience is not smooth and fluid. So if you want to get your daily dose of applications, this power device will not be ideal, but then again, if you are looking for a smartphone that can satisfy all your needs, you need not worry, as the Mi 9 Power can do that.

The first notable problem of this smartphone is its network issue, which happens randomly. So many users were complaining about the connectivity issues and they were either on AT&T or Verizon network, which is not what we expect from a device that is priced at $400. The Mi 9 Power, as mentioned above, runs on Verizon and so this is probably the reason behind its networking issues. So if you are planning to buy this smartphone, make sure that you network is on and use Google Maps app to check the area that this device covers and if you are still on contract, Verizon may be able to help you out with the problem. Mi 9 Power

Apart from the network issue, the Mi 9 Power was also rated lowest in the class for camera performance. The rear camera of this smartphone is not capable of high image quality, which makes it useless for professional users. The other camera problems include poor video recording and poor photo quality. If you are interested in purchasing this handset online, you can do so, but be aware of the flaws discussed above and read some Mi 9 Pro review online to find whether this smartphone meets your expectations or not. You can also read the Mi 9 Pro review of an average user, who has purchased the handset and used it for a few weeks.

Although there are some setbacks mentioned above, redmi nine power does possess some unique features that differentiate it from other mobiles. For example, it comes with a high density battery, six-megapixel camera with auto focus, f/2.0 aperture, and dual SIM cards – one with English and Spanish languages. At present, the Miui is only available from Verizon, but that should not keep you from buying one!