• Component: Earth


  • Quality: Fixed


  • Shading: Green, Pink


  • Day: Friday, Monday


  • Ruler: Venus


  • Most prominent Overall Compatibility: Scorpio, Cancer


  • Fortunate Numbers: 2, 6, 9, 12, 24


  • Date range: April 20 – May 20





  • Qualities: Reliable, patient, helpful, gave, dependable, stable


  • Shortcomings: Stubborn, possessive, firm air signs


  • Taurus likes Gardening, cooking, music, sentiment, top-notch dresses, working with hands.


  • Taurus despises Sudden changes, inconveniences, weakness of any sort, engineered textures.


Functional and all-around grounded, Taurus is the sign that reaps the products of work. They want to be encircled by adoration and magnificence consistently, go to the material world, indulgence, and true delights. Individuals brought into the world with their Sun in Taurus are arousing and material, considering contact and taste the most significant of all detect. Steady and moderate, this is perhaps the most solid indication of the zodiac, prepared to suffer and adhere to their decisions until they arrive at the place of individual fulfilment.


Taurus is an Earth sign, actually like Virgo and Capricorn, and can see things from a grounded, pragmatic, and practical perspective. They think that it’s simple to bring in cash and stay on the same activities for quite a long time, or until they are finished. We regularly see that determination can be deciphered as responsibility, and their capacity to finish errands whatever it takes is uncanny. This makes them superb representatives, incredible long-haul companions, and accomplices, continually being there for individuals they love. The natural note makes them overprotective, traditionalist, or materialistic on occasion, with perspectives on the world established on their affection for cash and riches.


The leader of Taurus is Venus, the planet of adoration, fascination, excellence, fulfillment, innovativeness, and appreciation. This delicate nature will make Taurus an amazing cook, landscaper, sweetheart, and craftsman. They are faithful and don’t care for unexpected changes, analysis, or the pursuit of blame individuals are regularly inclined to, being fairly reliable on others and feelings they appear to be not able to relinquish. All things considered, regardless of their expected passionate test, these people can acquire a pragmatic voice of reason in any tumultuous and unfortunate circumstance.


Taurus – the Wandering Bull Being the person who sold out their closest companion, goddess Hera herself, this is an appalling being that needs to meander the Earth to discover opportunity. To discover love, a Taurus needs to venture to the far corners of the planet, change the point of view or make a change in their whole conviction framework and their arrangement of qualities.



Absolution is well on its way, yet it isn’t something to attempt to force on yourself. All feelings wish to come out, untamed and free to be what they are. Give yourself space to discover some new information …





One generally must be set up to have persistence for a Taurus darling. They are amazingly sexy, contact, smell, and all pleasurable faculties being critical to them, however, they additionally need time to establish a protected climate and unwind in their sexual experiences. At the point when they make sufficient closeness with a friend or family member, they become somewhat gooey, here and there even impoverished, and need to hold their feelings under control, clutching useful thinking, while at the same time accepting change and activity of their accomplice consistently.


For long-haul connections, they frequently pick individuals from the very friendly climate that can react to their scholarly necessities, yet additionally the assumptions for their family and dear companions. Clutching conventional qualities and the down-to-earth side to life, this indicates that once in a while, it picks an accomplice who will not satisfy essential assumptions for their childhood, regularly appearing and accepting consideration through blessings material things. On the off chance that they adhere to the ethical code too firmly and decline all restrictions and brave methodologies, they could wind up swimming in disappointment and outrage issues they don’t have a clue how to determine, frequently showing through the individual remaining before them. Taurus similarity with different signs can be convoluted.


This is an indication of genuine delight, indulgence, and the progression of feeling that isn’t saved for just anybody. Select the match in the gadget cry to find who takes their heart leap.




Companions: People brought into the world in this sign are steadfast and continually willing to help out of kinship, even though they can be quiet for the day the external world before they fabricate trust for new friendly contacts they make. A significant number of their kinships start in adolescence with a propensity to last them a lifetime. When they make a reasonable cozy association with someone else, they will do anything they can to support the relationship and make it useful even in difficult situations.


Family – Home and matters of the family are vital to each Taurus. This is an individual who loves kids and likes time through individuals who love them, regarding family schedules, customs, and present in all occasions and social events.




Taurus agents, for the most part, love cash and will buckle down to procure it. They are solid, persevering, patient and exhaustive, as workers or somebody in a place of force. At the point when zeroed in on a particular venture, they will immovably adhere to it, regardless of what occurs in their general surroundings. Strength is the way to comprehend their functioning everyday practice. The quest for material joys and rewards is a real need to assemble their feeling of significant worth and accomplish a delightful extravagant yet functional lifestyle. Their work is seen as a way to make it conceivable.


Taurus is a Sun sign efficient with their funds, and the entirety of their bills will be paid immediately. They care for their annuity, assuming liability and keeping some cash for later, ready to make do with a minuscule and a huge compensation notwithstanding. Occupations that fit them are farming, banking, craftsmanship, and anything that includes culinary abilities.




On the off chance that you are in the look of a solid, faithful, and liberal man, Taurus is the individual you are searching for. He is reliable, patient, and delicate when in adoration, consistently looking for a brought feeling back. He won’t single out inconspicuous hinds and interesting looks from the individuals who play with him, being somewhat behind the curve as though trusting that somebody will ask them out. He disdains imitation of any sort and qualities discussions loaded up with veritable explanations, particularly with regards to praises and love assertions.


According to mytodayshoroscope.com, a Taurus man needs an ideal opportunity to assemble trust and anybody on a pursuit for his heart needs to take the time to acquire it. As an individual of not many words, he will appear to be difficult to enter on occasion, as though nothing can contact him. A greeting for a delectable home-cooked means is consistently a sure thing when dating this man, just as picking a agreeable and comfortable spot, instead of famous or current. Gone to nature and regular reasoning, he will consider sex to be something that comes when everything looks good, infrequently squeezes his accomplice, and feels like it is something to be appreciated, less something to ache for. A piece of his fixed, static character is the possible powerlessness to pardon disloyalty, and he needs to have a sense of security to settle down with one accomplice for great.




You should interest her feeling of sentiment on the off chance that you need to tempt a lady brought into the world with her Sun in Taurus. Taurus ladies need to be pursued and gradually tempted, in any event, when they have chosen to enter a relationship with somebody. They need things to gradually move and seldom hop into a sexual bond rapidly without taking some real time to contemplate her decisions.


It is improbable that she will surrender to her cravings and impulses rapidly, and on the off chance that somebody wishes to have her heart, they should invest a ton of time and energy into the round of prevailing upon her, causing her to feel great. When she begins to look all starry eyed she gets warm, cozy, close, and steadfast, remaining by her accomplice however long he is devoted to her. She has an eye for lovely things and likes effortlessness of fine things throughout everyday life, so the best approach to move toward her is through agreeable shared minutes, regard for security, fine food, and a delicate touch. This is a lady who doesn’t care to feel hurried when dating and needs to have her time. When she feels good and secure with somebody, she will cheerfully and rapidly give her heart without keeping down.


Viable Signs Taurus Should Consider: Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces