Before independence, the Satta Matka was a number game where the betting takes place on the opening and the closing rate of cotton in the new york cotton exchange. The teleprinters are the only communication medium between the new York cotton exchange and the Bombay cotton exchange to transfer information. People with high knowledge and experience can win in this game, and luck is the main requirement to get a favorable Satta result. The players have various choices to guess: open, close, Jodi, panel, Sangam, jackpot, and these are the terms available in the modern game. And there is an unbreakable trick that has been a secret even today.

What technical upgrade happened in Satta Matka?

The Satta Matka starts with three random number selections. Each participant will take three random numbers from the pot, and then the random numbers should be added together by players. If the number matches with the winning number, then that person is the winner. Now the game has many changes in the practices. Instead of using Matka for selecting random numbers, people use playing cards to choose their required three random numbers. Selecting the correct lucky number is the only move from the player’s side. If the number is valid, then it’s a jackpot of the particular player.

What are the terms available in the Satta Matka game?

There are many terms available in this old game of chance. The word Farak means the difference between the open result and the close result. The term single is to represent the single digit that ranges from 0 to 9. Jodi or Pair is the term for denoting a set of numbers from 00 to 99. Patti or Panna means the three-digit winning number comes from the betting results. The Cycle Patti is the term to represent the last two-digit of a Patti. The total outcome of the betting is of two parts, the terminology for the first part is the “open result,” and for the second part, it is the “closed result.”

Explain the uses of Guessing?

Satta Matta Guessing

Like most of the gambling lottery games, Satta Matka is also a guessing-based game. Many online forums and websites provide guessing tips and tricks of experienced and well-known people who will help the new players. But using the tips and tricks is not enough to win along whit is a good amount of luck is required. Many websites provide the chart of the previous games winning number sequence and other details like Satta king guessing or even more, which will help the players to know about some techniques to play their next match more efficiently. Though many guessing forms are available online for predictions, a successful player will have faith in him.

Digital platform

In this modern world, all the old things around us get modernized. Why not the game? So like all other things, these games also started their movement towards the digital platform where it develops its player count, high-level bets, VIP players, and many more advantages. Digital payment methods are also beneficial for these kinds of games. This payment feature makes this game available all over the world through the web.




  1. How does the New York cotton exchange communicate with the Bombay cotton exchange?

Ans: Teleprinters is the communication medium between both new York and Bombay cotton exchange.

  1. Which is known as the golden years of Satta Matka?

Ans: The year between the 1980s to 1990s are known as the golden years of Satta Matka.

  1. How many random numbers should the player select at the first set?

Ans: The player should select three random numbers for the first set.