The Opposable OnePlus 9R is a powerful smartphone. It does not come cheap, but it delivers all of the things we expect from a smartphone – high quality build, cutting edge features, and most importantly, great value for money. But what does it deliver? It has a huge range of features, but unfortunately the phone suffers from some big gaps in its software. We test the strengths and weaknesses of the device to help you decide if this is the right smartphone for you.

Let’s start with the strengths. The front facing fingerprint scanner is the best on the market, allowing you to quickly identify your own fingerprint instead of having to type in the number like many modern smartphones. This is great news if you regularly go out and play games. You can avoid losing your progress in the middle of a game by using the fingerprint recognition system of the smartphone. In addition, the power key can be easily accessed without pressing down on the home key, which means that there are fewer times when you have to fiddle with the phone to get to the right functions. OnePlus 9R 5G

But the biggest shortcoming of this smartphone is the lack of memory. It comes with just 4GB of storage, which is only enough to support the apps that you may be using. It’s a shame because this handset would really come in handy if you want to do a lot of multitasking. You won’t find it too difficult to streamline your work or play because of this shortcoming, though. The camera on the Opposable 9R is also good, but it’s not as impressive as the one in the iPhone 6s and HTC Evo Shift.

So if you want a smartphone that has everything you’d want from an Android phone, the Opposable OnePlus 9R definitely falls short of it. If you’re planning to buy this device, consider buying a complementary SIM card from its main rival, the Samsung Galaxy S6, for a cheap yet efficient mobile phone. When you do that, you can then acquire the iPhone-quality features for a slightly higher price.

An interesting feature of the Opposable OnePlus 9R 5G is the heat sensitive feature. This enables the device to adjust its temperature to give you better battery life. You can leave it on low while doing tasks, then turn it on for a short period to see if you’ll enjoy the increased time spent on your phone. For instance, if you want to watch a movie marathon, you can set the smartphone up to pause whenever it needs to record a new clip. This will help you save battery life, as well, since you won’t need to constantly be opening the screen to check out a new trailer for a movie you recently caught.

One of the biggest differences between the OnePlus 9R and its rivals is the fact that it has a multi-layer cooling system inside. While other smartphones with similar technology have single-layers, this smartphone has two different models, one for each core processor. The dual-core processor unit in this device has four heat sources, which regulate the temperature of the other three cores. With such intelligent design, the OnePlus 9R allows you to maximize performance at high speed, and with much longer battery life.